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Listening to you cd "The Road Home" The songs are Beautiful just like the first time I heard. God Bless Andrew
Do you have a chord/lyric tab for "Messiah?" God b'ye! Pat
May God continue to guide and provide. Hope you have a chance to come to UpState NY in the near future.
Beautiful as ever!
Rarely listen to unsolicited material but did briefly listen to yours. Pretty good. Thanks for your talent. Jim
Hello Brenda, When I listen to Your Music I sometimes remember the first time I herd it. I was in my truck driving to a Prison with Bill Glass, and the way you sang about our LORD, It made me Weep. That had NEVER happened before. Your Truly a Child of GOD, THANKS :)
Favorite Brenda Harp songs: 1) Messiah 2) I'm Amazed 3) You Alone 4) Peacemaker 5) To You, O Lord 6) There is a River (Not all these songs were written by Mrs Harp)
Hello Brenda, We are really enjoying the 3 CDs we purchased from you at Crossroads Church last Sunday 12-14-2014. You are my all time favorite vocalist from years ago at Crossroads. I was hoping you had not forgotten my request to email me the Christmas music you made years ago. You mentioned you can not legally sell it but you would be able to send it to me. I am really looking forward to receiving it hopefully before Christmas but even after would be great!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I just wanted you to know you are now in my prayers for your safety, good health and success in your world travels. Keep up the good work Brenda, you are awesome, we love to hear you sing!! Thanks Brenda. Russ and Linda Arvada Colo. send to rlsoward@comcast.net
Brenda, I love the new website! You are as beautiful as ever. God bless you for all that you do for the souls in prison. I hope that if you are ever in the Atlanta, GA area that I get to meet you in person. Blessings, Lucy
Brenda, I've really enjoyed your song "Messiah" and "The way you sing "There Is A River". Steve Scott
Nice Song - your "River of Mercy!! Rock on!! SteveScott
When performing in Denver, Please feel free to post your events on our new event website: www.findfunindenver.com Any questions call Tim Skurdahl at 303-807-1404 Thousands will see your events. Never any charge.
Hi sweetie met you at the Coach with Shawnie...this is the firstchance I have had to go to your website....Your voice is so amazing....your songs to CHRIST are so beautiful...you truly have a gift from GOD>...hope to get to see you in person on stage or maybe even someday with Shawnie.....Much love and respect...<3
would love to have the lyrics to the song Giver of mercy this a beautiful song and i would love to introduce it to my worship pastor at my church
Brenda Thanks for the help on the "Giver of Mercy" I was able to figure out how to open a .Pages file. Do you have a book of sheet music? I bought your CD's at your web store accept "The Waters Edge" didn't have and "Add to cart button" underneath it so I was unable to add it to the cart . Can you add that button so i can add it to the cart on my next visit. "The Waters Edge" is the one CD I wanted because of the "Giver of Mercy" song. always in all ways Tom
Hello Brenda. I have always loved your voice and music. You are a true Blessing!
Hi Brenda! Connie, Bruiser and I met you and Nahla on the path this morning :) I don't see an email address for you so I can send you the Soul Food invitation I talked about. Contact me back so I can send it to you and so we can stay in touch and hopefully get to know each other better as friends and neighbors. Love Lollie
I just sent a link for one of your songs to someone. You remain one of my favorite artists after many many years. Sending you encouragement and all the best.
Hi Brenda, I don't really know much about you until recently and what I've heard thus far is very good. Your voice and lyrics are superb as well as you the person. Just wanted to say hi, and I'm downloading your cd's. God bless you and your gift!
Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.
Hi Brenda, you already know how much I love your music so I'll just say Hello and that I sure miss seeing you as often as I used to. God bless you always. Karen
Like the new web site and I love your music.
Great new website Brenda! And loving the video/song. Wishing you all the best from a fan of many years and friend forever.
Brenda, I love the new web-site, your video and song. You have such a beautiful voice, easy to listen to. Hope you are doing well. Blessings always, Lucy
Please come to the east coast maybe newyork or boston I know a lot of people down her would love to see you live. Your a blessing to me so glad I came across your cd the road home my dad loves it to and he's seventy years old. God Bless You....Danny
Hey whats up Brenda :) Your sites looking Shweet !! Keep up the good work and keep expressing yourself !! Yah ive been working on mine on my down time ! Check it out !! NevadaSilva.com Shoulder surgery ? ouch !! Hope your healing up well !! I just had hernia surgery :( Suks No surfing ! No exercise No good ! Lol I bet your going crazy like i am !! Just cant sit still !! Well Take Care Brenda :) Nevada Silva NevadaSilva.com
Hey Bren!!! Looks totally cool. I love the FB badge also! diggin' the typeface...fun.
Love the new website, and your video is wonderful! Your voice is soft and silky as ever, loaded with emotion and inspiration. Thanks for the awesome music!
Love it!
I love the new site Brenda! And you are absolutely a beautiful doll! I'm so proud of you and your music! Jai yo is Chinese for 'go for it'!!

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