Colorado This Weekend 

Colorado was my home for 12 years and it really was the first place where I felt at home. Perhaps part of it was because of raising a family, owning a home and feeling a sense of belonging. Colorado is where my kids learned to ride their bikes, where they went to elementary school and where my heart felt most at home. It's been almost 10 years now since I moved away to California. I live in a beautiful part of the state - Dana Point - and though it's "home" it is like being on vacation most of the time. To be honest I still haven't completely unpacked. I'm thankful for life here in California and each day get to experience amazing sunsets over the Pacific in my back yard. All this to say, I'm traveling back to Colorado this weekend to sing at the church where my recording career began. I'm so thankful for the many years I spent at Crossroads and even more thankful to now be returning to begin the celebration of Christmas. . . 

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